Friday, 20 May 2011

Strawberry gluts

If you have been lovingly raising plants on your window sill, now is the time to plant them out. My own newly planted tomatoes, courgettes, borlotti beans and cucumber plants are right now fighting for survival in the  snail, slug and weed infested arena that is my allotment. The dry weather has been continuing to test my abilities to get down to the allotment and water. Any gardener will tell you that there is a special kind of angst attached to the thought of your luscious young hand reared plants frazzling away in the sun whilst you are miles away unable to water them. 
The silver lining to our present lack of cloud is the strawberry crop which is unashamedly a glut. The lack of rain has made them all the sweeter with no dilution of flavour and far fewer slugs around to munch them up.

If had a mind to write a detective story I would call my chief villains, Couchgrass and Bindweed. These two thuggish invaders send their thick white roots far and wide across my plot and have to be the only real downside to organic gardening. I know the quick solution is to blast the roots with a chemical like Roundup but I just can't bear to do it so I guess I'm stuck pulling snaking bind weed out arm over arm for the next few years. If anyone has a solution that doesn't involve chemicals let me know.

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