Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Oh baby what's in my basket - baby chard, baby chioggia beets, baby courgettes and a cucumber

Today I picked some tender leaves of self seeding chard for a dish of chickpeas and chard or chicken broth with chorizo, new potatoes and chard I can't decide. The last of the rhubarb for a compote with some redcurrants and the first tiny courgettes with flowers (to be truthful I got those from a neighbour). A big bag of salad (rocket, purslane, little gem, marvel of four seasons, sweet butter crunch) but no potatoes, they aren't quite ready. I think its been too dry so I am leaving them to swell up a bit in the hope of some rain. My carefully planted pumpkins are looking rather snail or slug munched and my dahlias (Bishop's Children) grown from seed are growing very slowly. As ever its a mixed bag. The hollyhocks by the shed are looking lovely as is the vine with some tender leaves just right for making dolma.

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